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Hi! I'm Jen Mondain, an illustrator & designer from Sydney, Australia.

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Robot suit smooch~* I really love the Wild Tiger suit a lot…

I hope everyone is having/had a good easter and take care of your bunnies UuU

I dunno man. Slow drawing week haha.


I recently got back into minecraft again and I’ve always bred chickens in my house. However I wasn’t satisfied with just having chickens so this happened.

I made the chicken skins the other day B) I wish I could get random mobs to work because I’d make so many different birds.


another commission i finished for Jen!! Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

[still taking commissions!]

LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS COMMISSION I GOT!!!!!!!!!!! YES I LOVE THIS SO MUCH EVERYTHING IS PERFECT I’M JUST SO BANSHEE SHRIEKING ;~; Thank you so much Left you are the best! His expression is so good, his face is just so cutie and I really love how you draw clothing so much.

I high recommend everyone go commission Left as their art is gorgeous!!

I ended up spending so much time on this silly crossover ahaha. I’m sure someone already did this but I wanted to draw them in the SnK gear.

Would they still have their powers in this crossover and what effect would it have on that universe? Thinks about this deeply.

I’m just showing off because I doubled my collection in the last month *v* Which is hilarious to me because I bought half of this stuff before I was even really into Tiger & Bunny and I hadn’t even watched it when I started. I just really liked their merch and it has a really collectable feel to it for me.

And also my collection of Sumikko doujinshi because it’s probably what initially got me interested in T&B a while back and then it again inspired me to keep drawing recently so it’s important to me~ Also their art is so gorgeous.

A really corny comic about anime boyfriends. Mostly corny on purpose but also I just think Kotetsu would totally be into bedroom roleplay :)c

Have more. More of these stupid boyfriends forever. Now I’ll go cry into my wallet because I can’t stop buying expensive merchandise that costs as much again to import.

A Barnaby to go with my previous Kotetsu because I always need to have them as a set :3c

Meow meow. Kotetsu sporting some tights to show off his booty :3c

My slightly late entry for Paexie’s contest.

King’s a big bad boss giraffaroo, who was too aggressive and got booted from his original group. He got into fights with everyone which is he he broke one of his tusks. He’s basically a shit baby.

However a small little beetlecorn(my future baby *v*) managed to befriend him, because King was actually lonely without anyone else around. King can carry his beetlecorn friend in his pouch and gets really nervous if she leaves him alone.

He offers blood, silver and a small amount of gold to the god Belial, hoping for greater power.

Giraffaroo’s are a closed species.

Some scenery practice. I want to try develop a way that drawing scenery feels natural to me rather than just trying to copy my reference completely. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out so using lineart might be the way to go for me!

Reference here.


I’m done ranting so have this Levi instead :3

Need to remind myself that sketches done up like this should probably be uploaded to my main rather than my side haha.

Just a quick post that I have now created a twitter that will be specifically for my art alias.

Jen Mondain

I decided to separate my design/public from my art to give me greater freedom over my art stuff and talking to other art people :D So feel free to add me and I’m still getting around to adding a bunch of people as well!